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  1. Cool! Does it cost money to get an ad for my blog on here?

    1. Hi, Devin, I currently only put sponsors ads here that sell doll related products with possibly a rare exception. But thanks a lot for asking and for stopping by.

  2. Hi Amaya, I was wondering if I could do a guest post on your blog! I actually have about four blogs, and an ag youtube channel. I was also wondering if you're a basilmentos fan? You can email me if you'd like about me doing a guest post ( I have 8 dolls btw, consisting of Addy, Mayellen, a jly doll- can't remember which- Grace Thomas, Felicity and McKenna) at Thanks! Carynn
    P.S. I'm 13 years old:)

  3. And also, I was wondering:
    I have a mini ag doll that I don't want any more, and I thought that maybe I could send her to you for free, and you could either keep her or give her away on your blog. But in exchange, you could advertise my youtube channel. It's kind of like your sponsers, but with youtube instead. Thanks!
    P.s. Are you homeschooled?

  4. I have an Online shop selling Doll Clothes. I hadn't made the site yet but the busniss is called Modest My Life. See You Soon!!!

    P.S I have one Doll I named Julie ( not that Julie! )