Craft: How to Make a Doll Scooter

Howdy, people! How's your Saturday going?  It's a great afternoon to do a fun craft!  Here's one for you: Make a doll scooter!

 This is what your finished product will look like.

 You will need: scrap cardboard, one wood skewer, two wooden dowels (one 5/16 in. and one about 1/2") wooden toy wheels from the craft store (they already have a hole in the middle!) or anything similar with a hole in the middle, two matching pencil grippers (or just two pieces of fun foam will be fine), silver and/or black paint (I just used paint pens), glue, paper--any kind, mod podge and paint brush is optional.

 Sorry this one's a little blurry. First paint your wheels black.

 Paint the largest dowel silver (or black if you just want to use one color.) Your will need some help cutting the larger dowel to about 8 1/2". Cut it at an angle if you can.

Also paint the smaller dowel, you need it to be about 5 1/2 or 6".

Now trace this shape onto a piece of cardboard. It is about 8" long by 2 1/4" wide. You need 3 of these.

 Now you're going to glue two layers of cardboard together.

 Like this.

 Now cut your paper to go around the cardboard.

And glue it on.

 Tuck the corners down.

 You should have this. Cover the other single layer piece the same way.

 Now cut a piece out of the end big enough to fit the part of the wheel that will be insert, about 1 1/2" and just barely wider than your wheel.

 Do that on both ends.

 Now also do it on just ONE end of the other piece of cardboard.

 Glue the single layer piece onto the double layer piece.

 Take the end that you didn't cut, and fold it up at about 2 1/4".

Make a hole a little more than halfway up to put your dowel rod in.

 Now turn the cardboard onto the side and sorta open up a space between the two layers of the double layer piece.

 That's where you're going to put your piece of skewer. You need just a little piece of skewer about 1 1/4".  Just slide your wheel onto the skewer piece and slide one end in between the two pieces of cardboard.

Like this.

 Now push it all the way in and fit the other side in between the cardboard. You might have to bend it a little to fit it in.

Now just put some glue into the hole you made to insert your dowel. Kinda put it in at an angle. Some hot glue might help it hold faster.This flap gives room for the wheel and is sorta like the brakes.

You can glue a button to the bottom of the flap where the rod goes if you want.

 You can mod podge the top if you want.

 Put grippers on the ends of your smaller dowel, the one that is 5 1/2 to 6" long. If you don't have grippers, just use pieces of fun foam wrapped around.

 Place your handle on with glue. E-6000 is good for stuff like this but you can use whatever you have.

We are FINALLY done!

  I trimmed the sides with ribbon to finish it off.

I hope you liked it!

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  1. Wow! How did you think of that?!?

    1. Well I wanted to make a scooter and I was going to use buttons or something to just glue on to look like wheels. But when I went to the craft store I saw those little wheels, so I got those instead but I still wasn't sure how I was going to do them, but I got them anyway. Then I came up with the idea to just stick the dowel between the cardboard and they really spin. And now it is a lot cooler than I originally planned! :) I had to make it a few times to get it just right.

    2. I'm worried to make it because I might mess it up. I'm not good at stuff like that.8(

    3. yeah i made it but it was bad

    4. Really neat idea this would be a great birthday present for my sister :0

    5. this is so cool i love ur stuff espically the toilet one


  2. That is an awesome idea! Nice job!

  3. Cool scooters, you did a great job!

  4. That's awesome! Thank you for sharing!

  5. I'm totally impressed by your creativity!!!

  6. omg I love this idea! I've been looking for things to make for Rebecca, and this is perfect. keep up the good work!

  7. OMG!!!!!! You are SO talented!!!!!! ~Amelia

  8. Oh, wow! You are so very crafty for your age! How do you think of all these ideas?

  9. Very cute! Going to do this but with buttons!

  10. I am going to make one for my dolls for Xmas, and one for my sis!

  11. hello im new here . i love your scooter i would love to make one.

  12. I made this it is sooooooo cute! Thanks Amaya!

  13. You are very talented Amaya, keep up the good work! Me and Julie (my AG) love your crafts and are waiting for more! Wish I could build this....

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